Real world meeting space calculator


2019 UPDATE - Now search by audience size or room size - and added crescent seating

We have 40 years’ experience with unrealistic space holds. They are often not adequate for the anticipated audience or production needs. As a result, we have developed the #HonestHotelCapacityChart.

Test this calculator before arranging a site inspection.

Venues want to squeeze your meeting into the smallest space possible. Your results with the Stage America calculator will demonstrate a space requirement that will consider practical space considerations, stages, AV (front or rear screen), aisles, serving stations and typical Fire Marshall requirements.


Classroom layout assumes 6' x 18" classroom tables with two people per table.
Automatic calculation will be made with 4.5 sq ft per person with 33% of total audience dancing.
The addition of rear screen typically adds 1/3 more space to the room size.
The final calculation will include the the additional space required.