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Event Consultant Services

Take advantage of the extensive history of Ray Franklin, President, for events.

  • Any size event

  • Global experience

  • Planning and execution

  • Site inspections

  • An asset to your team

Since 1982 Stage America partners with your event and creative team on a project basis. We support your needs from event design, CAD drawings, production schedule, equipment specifications, bidding qualified vendors, site management, rehearsals and stage management.


Our department heads (sound, lighting, video, scenic, special effects) are seasoned professionals. Many with years of touring experience on the largest productions, theater and concerts.


Tired of boring venues?

Bring the same execution in tents, atriums,  theaters, malls and outdoors.

No reason to limit your production needs when you choose a unique venue. Call Stage America.


Execute any theme for a "one-off" or tour. Stage America team manages the vendors and the venues as well as rehearsals to deliver for your highest expectations.

Production Management


30+ years of customized production

Site evaluation

Equipment and staffing

Set Design

Set design, lighting, sound and venue layout

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Stage management and speech coaching

Every venue has pros and cons. We evaluate the relative conditions between your favorite choices for production issues.

Physical limitations, loading dock access, weight restrictions, HVAC, lighting, power and staffing issues.

Stage America does not own equipment so you're  not restricted by our inventory and overhead.

We bid to at least 3 local vendors in each discipline (lighting, sound, video, etc.) to achieve the best results for your event.

We design to your needs and budget. After completing the room CAD drawing and an approved production schedule, we present terrific options to best suite your event.

You and your creative team are involved in every step.

Beginning with off site rehearsals, and continuing through tech and dress rehearsals, Stage America professionals assist you and your presenters to ensure their on-stage success.


30+ years of expertise in site scouting!

Typical Hotel 3 Section Ballroom

A - Advertised ceiling height 19'
B - Alternate ceiling height 16'
C - Soffit and air wall low point 13'
D - Chandelier bottom 11'4"

What is the REAL Ceiling Height? Hotel advertises 19' ceiling

Let us guide you through the published venue specifications.

(Hint: Specs aren't always as published and can greatly affect lighting, projection and room capacity.  Low ceilings, soffits and chandeliers effect lighting, projection and room capacity.

Use our true capacity chart.  CLICK HERE

Call Stage America to do the legwork for you.


Speech Training

Ray Franklin Speech Training

30+ years of coaching success!

Nothing is more important to your presenters than being successful introducing a new product, service, marketing strategy or company initiative.

Ray Franklin, our Production Director, has coached politicians, doctors, executives, volunteers and students to success.


AV101 2019 Workshop Tour

This setup looked good before the audience showed up.

This setup looked good before the audience showed up.


Executive Overview

What follows here is the outline of a meeting industry seminar aimed at improving the audience experience, every time.

Everyone has attended a meeting in a boardroom, classroom, ballroom, theater or arena, where the audience experience is less than positive.

What you are about to discover are notes from the Audience Advocate, Ray Franklin. He developed this presentation as a result of over 40 years with challenging venues, clients and vendors.

This is an attempt to enlighten all three groups, including Meeting Professionals International (MPI) membership and other professional meeting associations.

The workshop outline:

Segment 1 (30 minutes) – Introduction of the “audience expectation” for an excellent experience. The best practices can benefit each stakeholder in a meeting encounter.

  • Audience – Once content is created, the audience wants to be comfortable, be able to see and hear content with minimal distraction.

  • Client – XYZ Corporation is investing money and expect a return on their investment (ROI). Whether the audience is employees, customers or association members, they deserve the full value of the investment.

    • Today’s audiences are avid media consumers with event demands above the casual gathering. They want to be engaged, even distracted from their cell phones. Providing an excellent environment for the event will go a long way to engaging your audience.

  • Venue – Hotels sell rooms, Food & Beverage (F&B). The meeting rooms are often free of charge if there is a large enough F&B contract. Of course, the venue wants to maximize use of their available space, they should be aware some physical issues impact the audience experience, then the client’s choice to return for another meeting. Free civic or university events should also follow these best practices.

  • AV Vendor – In-house AV firms (or venue AV staff) have the benefit of “exclusive” provider of sound, lighting, AV, video and often electricity for meetings. Their ultimate client is the GM of the venue. The better AV provider is a consultative partner with the venue to support the client event. Too often the in-house AV provider has staff that is not aware of the “audience experience.” The result is screens, sound systems, etc. are not optimized for the client, room or event.

Segment 2 (35 minutes) – Demonstration of the issues and solutions that should be adopted as “Best Practices When Using AV in Any Meeting – Regardless of Size.” We will give an equipment list to the in-house AV provider to demonstrate each of the following categories.

Segment 3 (30 minutes) – Q&A including discussion of the client expectations and real-world situations that vary between venues.

 Segment 4 (Option 15 minutes) – audience seating

Where appropriate, add a 15-minute review of audience seating for banquet, classroom or theater seating. Many venues need to understand the audience comfort, and safety, when setting a room. For example – most venue setup staff don’t know the local Fire Marshal rules for seating, egress, etc. They often don’t understand “theater seating” requires the more complicated setting of chairs in staggered rows, not one behind the other.

To HOST AV101 2019 Workshop Tour - Venues who sponsor the workshop typically invite important customers to experience and interact with the sales staff and in-house-AV provider. Contact Ray Franklin - 702-879-8177