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"On time and on budget" always our mantra.



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A new concept in production partnerships

We are not a box equipment supplier, or an equipment supplier trying to force our inventory on every event. We have staff department heads that specify the best equipment for your application that meets your budget. Then we seek local vendors and crew to deliver as much of your budget to the audience as possible.


1:  How does Stage America save us money?

Stage America bids to the best qualified local or regional sound, lighting and video resources to insure a great show without excess shipping charges. You avoid hidden shipping costs.

2:  Does Stage America use in-house AV companies?

Because we bid equipment to local providers, we include hotel AV. We know hotel AV has a 30-50% commission due the hotel before quoting on our RFP. We work with hotel AV where necessary, but the chance they can be competitive is limited. Hotels provide precious little storage space for in house AV. As a result they re-rent from suppliers we may have dismissed.

3:  When does Stage America get involved with our next event?

The best time for SA to get involved with your next event is during the final site selection process.  Once the city is selected there are many production issues to consider before making the final selection.  For example: outside AV contractor restrictions or surcharges, union house rules, electrical limitations or extraordinary costs for one venue vs. the other.

4:  Can I count on Stage America to work with our in-house production department?

Stage America provides contract support for areas not already covered by the internal team or outside production company.

5:  What role does Stage America play with the venue management?

SA manages all communications with the venue regarding everything that happens in the main room except for food and beverage.

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Join this list of repeat clients

American Airlines (3)

Continental Airlines (3)


Corinthian Colleges (8)

DuPont (5)


France Telecon

Gateway Computers

GE Capital (9)


Hill & Knowlton (15)

Hoechst AG

Hoag Hospital Foundation (5)

Kelly Services

KFC (2)

Major League Baseball

Navistar/International Harvester 




Pizza Hut (5)

Puerto Rico (4)


Taco Bell (22)

Tricon/YUM! Brands (8)

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity (20)

United Airlines (2)

WCW – Turner Broadcasting (6)

Wendy’s (3)

(Years of service)

This could be your team for success

Ray Franklin

Ray Franklin, Production Director

Founder and owner of Stage America. Ray’s professional broadcast and news background applied to corporate events in the very early stages of the industry.

Stage America was formed in 1982. Clients benefiting from the combination experience of television, theater and live events. Projects included name/identity change events for United Air Lines, International Harvester, Continental Airlines and international fast food companies YUM! Brands and Spartan Foods. Stage America has managed IPO projects at the NYSE for France Telecon, Gateway Computers, Tricon Global Restaurants, GAP and UBS.

Ray’s book “On-The-Job Speech Training” and speech coaching practice grew out of countless nervous corporate presenters prepared to be successful on stage or in the board room.


Mike Benson.png

Mike Benson, Production Manager

Mike Benson has worked as a Stage Manager, Production Manager, Gaffer, and Technical Director since 1988. Selected clients include Microsoft, GE, United Airlines, Taco Bell, BankOne, Intel, News Corp. and others. As Production Manager for Stage America, Mike has been responsible for on site supervision of crews from ten to two hundred people.

Mike also has managed many successful international projects in places as varied as Dublin and Dubai. Mike has been on staff of Stage America from 1997 - 2013. He is now independent. Mike is responsible for budgeting, overall site management, crew and vendor contracting and stage management.


Eileen Schwarz-Duty, Line Producer

Eileen Schwarz-Duty has been working as an Independent Producer and Writer for more than 20 years. She has produced, directed, and served as associate/line producer for a wide variety of live meetings, broadcasts, and video productions.

As a writer, Eileen brings her unique energy, creativity and experience to her assignments, which have included websites, brochures, newsletters, PowerPoint, print ads, video scripts, and live presentations.  Her many educational, sales and training programs for clients such as Amway North America and Stryker Corporation have been successful for many different audiences (distributors, point-of-purchase, after-market, etc.). She is an expert in corporate communications, from press releases to Q&A to executive speeches, on a wide range of topics.

Eileen’s clients have included Amway Global, Kellogg Company, Case New Holland farm equipment, Booth Newspapers, MLive, Davenport University, General Motors, Spectrum Health, Priority Health, Grand Rapids Catholic Secondary Schools, and Taco Bell/YUM! Brands.

She has also created communications, advertising and websites for many arts organizations throughout West Michigan, including Festival of the Arts, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, and Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities.


Harold Blumberg, Audio Designer and FOH Engineer

Harold Blumberg obtained a BA in Speech-Theatre Arts-Broadcasting from Pennsylvania State University and an MS in TV-Radio-Mass Communications from the Newhouse School of Syracuse University. He then became a professional live mixing engineer for acts as J. Geils Band, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Stevie Wonder, Melissa Manchester, Chicago, Julio Iglesias, and others.

He owned a touring rental sound system company, and has also worked for and designed speaker systems for Maryland Sound Industries and A-1 Audio in Los Angeles. Since 1983, he has been a design consultant to Shure Incorporated for microphones, wireless systems, and digital processing equipment.

He has been a consultant in computerized FFT analysis for professional audio since 1980, including work for Hewlett Packard. Since 1991, Blumberg has specialized in Corporate Event Audio Production, equipment design and system design and operation. He has designed and engineered events for many Fortune 500 clients, including GE Capital, Bank One, Taco Bell, Nissan, and Infiniti.


David Flad

David Flad, Lighting Designer and LD

David Flad is a winner of the Los Angeles Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Lighting Design as well as the winner of the Ovation Award for Best Lighting Design in Intimate Theatre. He has been working with ShowPro, a production company in North Hollywood, as their lead lighting designer and has found himself opening designs in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Texas, and New Orleans as well as international projects in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

Some of David's projects include work with the 2000 Grammy Awards, the 2000 Academy Awards®, the 2000 Emmy Awards, as well as concert projects with Norah Jones, Pete Yorn, Beck, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. Industrial credits include recent car tour projects with Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW


Marc Wollin, Video Director

Marc Wollin is an independent writer / producer / director / stage manager with a wide range of experience in all types of video production and live event direction.

His prior experience includes staff positions with Metropolitan Life and Merrill Lynch, directing and associate directing semi-pro and pro sports, cable news and special events, as well as a wide range of corporate clients.


Jim Duty, Broadcast Engineer and Technical Director

Jim has been an engineering consultant and technical specialist for more than 25 years, 15 of them with Stage America. He has truly done it all – from supervising international teleconferences, to designing specialized video equipment for medical use, to building television stations and broadcast trucks, to engineering live television broadcasts from locations all over the world.

His Fortune 500 experience includes General Motors, GE, Amway, Taco Bell, Ford, and Daimler-Chrysler. For these clients, Jim has traveled to Europe, Asia, and the Americas, working with local crews, corporate CEOs and professionals in the business to ensure successful projects. All this – and Jim can explain the inner workings of electronics and broadcasting in Plain English!



Louis Mawcinitt

Louis has designed dozens of sets for Los Angeles area theatres from 1972 to 1995 and has received numerous Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and Drama Logue Critics Awards nominations for “Outstanding Set Design” and winning for “The Shortchanged Review” at the Coronet Theatre and “Spec” at the New MET Theatre.   At the same time serving a five year stint in the art department at CBS TV City ending in 1973.

He moved on to music tours in1974 designing  for noted artist such as Aerosmith, Glen Campbell, , Michael Jackson, Linda Ronstadt, Elton John, Michael Bolton,  Steely Dan, Ringo Starr, Kiss, Clint Black , Quincy Jones, Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan, and Kelly Clarkson among others.

In 1979 he made contact with Jon Roseman Productions and designed and art directed for well over 150 major artist music videos to include Cher, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Olivia Newton John with Jon Roseman, Cream Cheese and various other music video production companies.  This evolved, in 1982, into Cable and network television shows including Billy Crystal’s “A Comics Line”, “Punchline” Comic Relief, “The Comedy Store’s 20th Birthday” and Pop Stars for WB TV in 2002.

Having worked with such noted directors as George Lucas, Julian Temple, Russell Mulcahy, David Mallet, Brian Gibson and Peter Fonda. His more recent film credits include lighting design for the highly acclaimed “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”  (the Tina Turner story), “Sister Act 2”  with Whoopi Goldberg and Warren Beatty’s remake of the classic An Affair To Remember , “Love Affair”.

1984 brought the first of five consecutive TV Guide marketing meetings held at various destinations ranging from Florida to Hawaii.  This began a series of Industrial and Corporate events for Taco Bell, Banc One, FRANMAC franchise meetings and Tricon Restaurants International from Dubai to Singapore and next year in Hawaii.


John Matz, Graphic Designer

John has a range of experience as Creative Director, Project Manager and Director of Creative Technology since 1981.  

John has been responsible for the visual design, budgeting, production and management of major web site and business presentation projects  for clients including Bank One, NQLX, YRI, Corinthian Colleges and Network Foundations.  His preproduction client support includes theme graphic design, presentation template design and production, meeting-specific web site setup & maintenance and computer systems specification.  

On-site presentation and web conferencing support  has been provided by John in many US and international locations including Mexico, Europe and Australia.




Stage America partners with your event and creative team on a project basis. We support your needs from event design, CAD drawings, production schedule, equipment specifications, bidding qualified vendors, site management, rehearsals and stage management.


Our department heads (sound, lighting, video, scenic, special effects) are seasoned professionals. Many with years of touring experience on the largest productions, theater and concerts.


Tired of boring venues?

Bring the same execution in tents, atriums,  theaters, malls and outdoors.

No reason to limit your production needs when you choose a unique venue. Call Stage America.


Execute any theme for a "one-off" or tour. Stage America team manages the vendors and the venues as well as rehearsals to deliver for your highest expectations.

Production Management


20+ years of customized production

Site evaluation

Equipment and staffing

Set Design

Set design, lighting, sound and venue layout

Stage Management.png

Stage management and speech coaching

Every venue has pros and cons. We evaluate the relative conditions between your favorite choices for production issues.

Physical limitations, loading dock access, weight restrictions, HVAC, lighting, power and staffing issues.

Stage America does not own equipment so you're  not restricted by our inventory and overhead.

We bid to at least 3 local vendors in each discipline (lighting, sound, video, etc.) to achieve the best results for your event.

We design to your needs and budget. After completing the room CAD drawing and an approved production schedule, we present terrific options to best suite your event.

You and your creative team are involved in every step.

Beginning with off site rehearsals, and continuing through tech and dress rehearsals, Stage America professionals assist you and your presenters to ensure their on-stage success.


20+ years of expertise in site scouting!

Typical Hotel 3 Section Ballroom

A - Advertised ceiling height 19'
B - Alternate ceiling height 16'
C - Soffit and air wall low point 13'
D - Chandelier bottom 11'4"

What is the REAL Ceiling Height? Hotel advertises 19' ceiling

Let us guide you through the published venue specifications.

(Hint: Specs aren't always as published and can greatly affect lighting, projection and room capacity.  Low ceilings, soffits and chandeliers effect lighting, projection and room capacity.

Use our true capacity chart.  CLICK HERE

Call Stage America to do the legwork for you.


Speech Training

Ray Franklin Speech Training

20+ years of coaching success!

Nothing is more important to your presenters than being successful introducing a new product, service, marketing strategy or company initiative.

Ray Franklin, our Production Director, has coached politicians, doctors, executives, volunteers and students to success.