Mike Benson

Mike Benson kudos

I am very proud of our long term clients and team members. We just received this compliment from a client Mike recently worked with. This is how most people react to Mike's skills. "The Man of the Hour, the Capt. Sully of our outfit this year was Mike Benson, the Grand Master of all Production Managers who nobly stepped in to take a bullet for the team, all while performing his usual magic behind the scenes. The bullet in question took the form of a song parody to Kenny Rodgers' "The Gambler" that the client inexplicably chose not to perform at the very last minute. Thinking on my feet, I gave the task to the man with the best voice I know. Instead of quietly taking me aside and beating me with the limbs he had ripped from my body, Mike accepted the assignment with good grace and only once asked me, "Why do you hate me?" Show time came all too quickly and at the moment of truth, with absolutely no help from the awful karaoke track, Mike directed his own music cue and powered his way through the lyrics, even going the extra mile to sing, rather than speak the lyrics as planned. They have erected statues to men who have done less."