Apple Developer Conference

Celebrate June 4 National Practice Speaking in Public Day

I applaud the wonderful graphics, great staging and good mix of presenters at this week's Apple Developer Conference. What should you avoid?

One very annoying technique unconsciously employed by virtually every presenter...


...I call it the "caged lion" syndrome.

Consistent pacing sends a signal to the audience that you are nervous, unprepared or bored. Watch Craig Federighi and others pace the stage instead of facing the audience in a deliberate stance and deliver!

  1. Watch the video camera try to follow each presenter with seasick results as the graphics in the background streak behind their image.
  2. Make genuine eye contact with one or more people as you speak.
  3. OK to move around the stage, but do it deliberately and stay there for a few moments.

With proper rehearsals you will learn to enjoy public speaking and your career will benefit as well. Join everyone today in National Practice Speaking in Public Day, June 4th.

This and other tools are detailed in my book "On-The-Job Speech Training" available as an eBook on Amazon for $3.98.

Please comment on your pet peeves as you watch other presenters.

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