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Audience advocate

Audience advocate - I spoke of this today with a friend who marveled at the term "audience advocate."  The explanation is simple if you consider, as a production stage manager, EVERYTHING that happens to an audience is my concern.  How they are invited to the event, how the are greeted upon arrival in the main tent including how the presentations are executed.

If audience advocate has another meaning, I would love to hear from you.  I actually enjoy that role.

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New meeting space calculator - more realistic than most hotel calculators.

Stage America web site debuts with lots of new tools. Look for the most useful event space calculator on the internet:

Access the the Ray Franklin weblog and the staff list of Stage America.

You can also order single copies of my new book: "On-The-Job Speech Training." This is a printed copy of the very successful 8-minute speech coach developed over 20+ years.

Big thanks to John Matz for his fine job getting the web site as valuable as it is.  The Java Script for the event space calculator was written by Brian Ferber and Roger Ferber.  These people are amazing.

"On-The-Job Speech Training"