Sundar Pichai - Brilliant man but needs coaching for live video

Pacing back and forth (up to six steps each way) with a background moving makes the audience seasick and uses energy that should be used with the message.  

Not a good image for the world's largest company leader to pace like a caged lion. Simple skills.

When you have live image magnification (IMAG) or live streaming video, you need to be aware of the video production as well as the live elements. 

You are on the huge live IMAG screens for 80% of the audience to watch. 

The video director will keep you in the center of the frame. But if you pace back and forth, the audience sees you centered but the background continues to move. 

And if your movements are pacing back and forth, you make us all sick. 

Stand in one place, feet apart like you are returning a tennis ball, swivel at your hips and exude energy to the entire room. Moving 6 feet either way does nothing to improve you connection with the audience. In fact, standing in one place, with energy, gives your audience a focus.

The A2 who put the mic on Sundar also put it so close to his beard the noise is also distracting. 

All who read this blog know I am the "Audience Advocate." The person for hire to monitor all the production planning and execution to enhance the audience experience, not make them turn away.

The book "On-The-Job Speech Training" covers this and many other techniques to improve your audience appeal.

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