Making content for the Amazon Kindle 2

As an early adopter I have 3 e-readers put away now that my new Kindle 2 has arrived.  Of course the 3 retired e-readers cause more damage to the environment than the 100 trees killed for the paper books I would have bought.  But that is another story. The slick new Amazon Kindle 2 is fun to use.  So far I have taken it to the beach (in a Ziploc bag), breakfast every morning, and a plane ride.  It is a conversation starter as well as a great way to read the morning paper on the road.

Let's hope this new must have survives the obsolete junk pile.  Every week on The Daily Giz Wiz, Leo Laporte and Dick DeBartolo visit Dick's not so imaginary "Gadget Warehouse" to dig out something I tried when first introduced.  Check out their podcast

What is not clear is how to format my book "On-The-Job Speech Training" to look as good on the Kindle 2 as it does in print.  Anyone with success formatting for the new tool would we welcome help.